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Special Events Planning Services

Besides featuring news from other companies and organizations in our arts, business and technology publications, we also provide special events planning services including creative marketing and advertising displays. To support visual and performing artists as well as creative entrepreneurs, Artsphoria’s team schedules “live” interviews and demos, which others may attend. Then, we write about these exciting in-person events and post articles, photos and videos on Artsphoria’s sites as well as social media.

In addition, our experienced writers can attend special events that other companies and organizations present or sponsor. We spotlight featured speakers at workshops, conferences and retreats and include event highlights in featured articles on Artsphoria’s sites and elsewhere.

Custom Gifts and Gift Baskets

Along with special events planning services and media coverage at workshops, conferences and retreats, Artsphoria offers custom gifts and gift baskets. These unique items are ideal for speakers participants, raffles and other special occasions, creating a memorable and personal touch.

Here are just a few of Artsphoria’s samples:

To place your orders for custom gifts and gift baskets, see https://artsphoria.live/shop and https://www.artsphoria.net/store.

Special Requests for Event Planning Services and Gifts

From firsthand experience, Artsphoria’s team understands that organizing an event involves careful planning and attention to details. We can offer assistance with any and all aspects of eventĀ  management from start to finish. If you need an idea generator to brainstorm and develop your concept into a workable plan, our creative experts can definitely help!

Artsphoria’s personal approach and ability to make custom gifts will help make your event truly memorable. Instead of disappearing into distant memory after extensive time and preparation, your event will remain visible in an article with photos and videos about all the activities on Artsphoria.

Get started planning your event and media coverage as well as custom gifts and raffles in one complete and convenient package now. Contact Andrea Karen Hammer, CEO of Artsphoria Events & Media Group, at artsbiz@protonmail.com.

At Artsphoria, we celebrate arts and business partnerships. Join us today!




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