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Launch of Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing: First Contest Celebrates Global Cities & Fellow Creators

Photo by Ihsan K on Unsplash

By Andrea Karen Hammer

To support fellow creators in the midst of fallout from the pandemic and upheaval in cities across the globe, we are launching Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing.

As part of this celebration and in preparation for forthcoming books, we hope to encourage a new focus on positive and diverse portrayals in multimedia storytelling. To support artists, photographers and videographers committed to offering this encouragement to our collective psyche, Artsphoria is organizing a series of art and photography contests to feature their work.

Photo in Indore, India, by Dipesh Gurav on Unsplash

Extension and Expansion of Multicultural Spotlights

As an extension and expansion of the multicultural spotlights featured on all of Artsphoria’s current publications, this new branch will focus on developing, writing, editing, producing and publicizing inclusive articles, books and scripts with diverse images. Through digital, audio and print formats, we will create larger works that celebrate strong stories and images of women as well as people from different backgrounds around the world.

Along with positive and effective words, uplifting images have the power to heal, energize and offer hope for the future. Reflecting imagination and light to help us find our way forward, they can counter the destructive force of negative, inaccurate and imbalanced representations.

Details of First Photo, Art and Video Contest

To start, we will focus on the beauty of diverse and resilient cities across the globe. In Artsphoria Media Group publications as well as forthcoming books and scripts, the best qualities of our communities will shine under a spotlight.

For our first contest, can you capture a scene, which shows the positive side of your city? If a visitor was just learning about the place where you live, what photo, artwork or video would you want to show? Who would you feature as the subject of your work?

Focus on Diversity in Worldwide Cities

Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing is especially interested in displaying images that honor all of our cultures in their glory. Here are details about submissions for the first contest:


Sponsorships and Contributions Plus More Exciting News Soon

Sponsorships and contributions of any size for these projects are deeply appreciated at If you have any questions, please contact Artsphoria Founder & Director Andrea Karen Hammer at

Check back for more news about additional art and photography contests for forthcoming books soon!


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