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8 Attributes of Audiobooks and Audiobook Recording Services

By Andrea K. Hammer

With audiobooks a growing segment of the publishing industry, readers select this popular format for a multitude of reasons. From convenience to storytelling, the verbal rendition of an author’s work offers a unique literary experience.

Attributes of Audiobooks

Here are some of the attributes of audiobooks:

  1. Reconnecting with childhood pleasure: Remember listening to stories in your youth? A reader often created spellbinding magic as listeners imagined faraway lands. As an adult, the same powerful immersion in an audiobook can transport listeners around the world.
  2. Hearing authors’ words and interpretations: When authors read their own writing, listeners can hear intended points of emphasis. This reading often clarifies meaning and adds a new dimension to experiencing a literary work. When different characters’ voices come to life in an audiobook, their personalities take specific shape.
  3. Listening at any hour: Did you wake up in the middle of the night or before dawn? If you don’t want to turn on the lights to read, headphones allow you to listen to a story without disturbing others.
  4. Continuing a story in any location: Would you like a hands-free and entertaining way to extend time on a treadmill or boost while doing chores? Along with making travel time on a train or plane more enjoyable, audiobooks enhance relaxation in a cafe or at the beach.
  5. Easing eye strain: After a long day of work, you can allow your eyes to rest while listening to an audiobook. Instead of requiring more close-up reading, audiobooks allow the mind to wander.
  6. Escaping noisy environments: Do you need a break from a constant barrage of motorcycles and souped-up cars as well as lawn mowers and leaf blowers? Pop on your headphones, and escape with a good story!
  7. Stimulating the imagination: As verbal intonation creates a visual atmosphere, listeners are encouraged to imagine a tale in all its glory. Like a good theatrical experience, audiobooks allow the story to play out on the stage of the mind.
  8. Creating distance in a pandemic bubble: Are you feeling cooped up and limited in your freedom because of COVID-19? If you are living in close quarters, listening to an audiobook is a safe way to create distance by traveling through storytelling to other worlds.

New Audiobook Release and Audiobook Recording Services

In addition to offering other formats, Artsphoria Publishing will also distribute the company’s debut novel as an audiobook with a unique feature. Watch–and listen–for this new audiobook release and contest details for a special opportunity. Artsphoria Publishing is giving new shape and meaning to every edition!

Are you an author who would like an expressive reader to record your book, so you can follow this trend in the publishing industry? Check out the details for Artsphoria Publishing audiobook recording services, and reserve time now:


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