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Songwriter and Singer Contest: Healing Songs for Artsphoria Publishing’s New Audiobook Format

By Andrea K. Hammer

To offer comfort during a time of worldwide illness and devastating loss, Artsphoria Publishing is developing a unique series of healing audiobooks with songs as bookends.

Comforting Audiobooks Addressing Loss, Grief and Enduring Wisdom

Although grief and loss are highly personal and individual experiences, sometimes understanding words and stories can help ease the resulting sense of isolation. In Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel, a mother and daughter use some of these tools to navigate loss together–and then during their own final parting. By recording and preserving a special mother’s enduring wisdom, this daughter hopes to offer support to others suffering the loss of a cherished family member and beloved friend.

Artsphoria Publishing to Feature New Audiobooks with “Songs of Healing” as Bookends

To launch our new audiobook format, Artsphoria Publishing is calling songwriters and singers to submit “Songs of Healing” for possible distribution with our comforting stories. As many families and friends face the holidays–and every day throughout the year–without their loved ones and dear friends, can you share lyrics and songs filled with compassion, support and comfort?

Winners of this first songwriter and singer contest will enjoy free publicity on Artsphoria’s sites, channels and other promotional materials plus a royalty for each selected song featured on purchased audiobooks. Selected songs may vary on different disks, be distributed for a short time and change or expand. All selections are the final decision of Artsphoria Publishing.

Deadline for Artsphoria Publishing “Healing Songs” Contest: December 15, 2021

To have your lyrics and/or song considered for possible distribution with Artsphoria Publishing audiobooks, send the following by December 15, 2021, on a CD with the necessary printouts to Andrea K. Hammer, Director/Owner of Artsphoria Publishing, P.O. Box 216, Wyncote, PA 19095:

  • original song of healing
  • original lyrics offering comfort (electronic Word document and print version)
  • brief bio
  • publicity photo (2-MB jpeg max.)
  • complete copyright notice/credits
  • email and mailing address

Incomplete packages submitted for this songwriter and singer contest will not be considered. Materials cannot be returned.

Good luck, and spread the word about this exciting songwriter and singer contest! Let’s collaborate on healing audiobooks with songs as bookends for Artsphoria Publishing‘s uniquely conceived format to offer others comfort now.







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