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Excellent Resources for Book Arts and Book Production Services

By Andrea K. Hammer

As Artsphoria Publishing delves deeper into the process of making books, several resources related to book arts have provided invaluable tips. Here are a few excellent starting points, which have contributed to creating our own distinctive editions:

How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith: From the opening pages focusing on striking typographical forms, anyone interested in the shape of letters and handmade books will find this resource fascinating. Chapters list the tools and materials needed to create instant, accordion, stab-stitch, long-stitch and other books as well as pamphlets and chapbooks.

Folded book art by Clare Youngs: Starting with the clever cover image of a mermaid fashioned from curled paper, 35 projects will help you imagine unlimited book forms. From a folded butterfly and ampersand to a village and theater scenes, this stunning book also provides details for originally designed pages with blooming hydrangeas and paper birds.

Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden: With clear step-by-step instructions and diagrams for telling your story through unique structures, this indispensable book is filled with practical applications. Details are provided for an X-book with pockets, an accordion book with flower-fold pages, an exposed stitch book with beads and more.

Artsphoria Publishing Book Production Services

Do you find book arts intriguing but lack the time to complete your own project? Artsphoria Publishing can help create limited-run editions with colorful handmade book covers to simplify and expedite the production process.

Reserve time for Artsphoria Publishing book production services now:


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