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Principles of Eye-Catching Book Cover Design: Debut Novel Title and Cover Reveal Plus More!

By Andrea K. Hammer

With some estimates indicating that nearly 3,000 books are released each day, how does another book cover stand out in a marketplace full of competitors? What are the elements of an eye-catching presentation that interests buyers? In keeping with he principles of good design, here are a few of Artsphoria Publishing‘s guidelines for creating a visually interesting book cover:

Development of Intriguing Yet Simple Book Title and Subtitle

After producing a book with hundreds of pages, distilling the central concept into a memorable title is a critical task. To add a twist that sparks interest, the subtitle allows for brief elaboration and a touch of intrigue.

Selection of Strong, Easy-to-Read and Elegant Typeface

As readers flip through pages of book covers in review sections and promotional materials, an easy-to-read typeface will prompt a momentary pause. Strong, bold type eases the work required to decipher meaning and untangle scrolling loops, which ultimately clutter book cover presentations.

Creation of Striking and Distinctive Book Cover Image









Instead of relying on stock photos or templates, the creation of a distinctive image sets a book cover apart from others. An original illustration or photo, which cannot be replicated, will put a unique stamp on a new book cover and draw attention during the launch.

Seamless Integration of Typeface and Illustration

Following one of the main principles of good design, the ideal placement of type to accent a cover illustration or photo is essential. Instead of competing against each other for attention, both elements are like pieces of a puzzle that snap together easily as a good fit.

Artsphoria Publishing’s Debut Novel: Title and Book Cover Reveal Plus Backstory Details

Would you like a sneak peek at Artsphoria Publishing‘s debut novel title and book cover? As a drum roll plays, see

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