About artsbizgroup
Andrea Karen Hammer is the founder, CEO and owner of Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing, Media Group & Shop (https://www.artsphoria.org): Artsphoria International Magazine (https://www.artsphoria.com); Artsphoria: Arts, Business & Technology Center (https://www.artsphoria.biz); Artsphoria Movie Reviews & Film Forum (https://www.artsphoria.us); Artsphoria Animation & Imagination World (https://www.artsphoria.net); Artsphoria: Event Advertising & Reporting (https://www.artsphoria.info); Artsphoria: Food for the Soul (https://artsphoria.live) and Artsphoria Shop (https://www.artsphoriashop.com). She is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer who has published articles in international publications.
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