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New Research Shows Benefits of the Arts

When Artsphoria was first launched in 2004, the name reflected our perception of the arts as a source of euphoria. As an energizing source of renewal throughout our lives, we wanted to celebrate and immerse ourselves in an ongoing passion for art, dance, film, photography, theater, writing and more.

Over the years, Artsphoria continued to expand in scope. The arts served as a common link across cultures, and the current international edition was born.

Recent Research Showing Positive Impact of the Arts

Several studies have supported our belief that the arts improve the quality of our lives. Recent arts research involved approximately 50,000 people who took  the BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test. The results were part of the Get Creative Festival Рthe UK-wide celebration of creativity that runs from May 11 to 19.

Dr. Daisy Fancourt, a senior research fellow at University College London, led the arts research. Findings from the BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test identify these benefits from creative activities:

  • Decreasing stress
  • Opening the mind
  • Building self-esteem
  • Encouraging personal growth

In addition, the survey revealed emotional benefits from even one creative session. Consistent arts involvement showed a cumulative positive impact on overall well-being.

Additional Survey Findings

Here are some other findings from the creativity test:

  • 76% of participants relied on creative activities as a “distraction tool” to deal with stress and anxiety
  • 69% turned to the arts as a “self-development tool” to fortify self-esteem and personal strength
  • 53% used creative involvement as a “contemplation tool” to think about problems and emotions

Findings indicated that the greatest benefits result when participating in “live” creative activities. These require direct social interaction including singing in a choir or taking a group painting class. Virtual creative experiences have more limited benefits.

Top 10 Creative and Artistic Activities in Survey

Among the survey participants, the most popular creative involvements are:

  1. Singing – 12.4%
  2. Painting, drawing, printmaking or sculpture – 12.2%
  3. Gardening – 12%
  4. Reading novels, stories, poetry or plays – 11.9%
  5. Playing a musical instrument – 9.8%
  6. Cookery or baking – 9.8%
  7. Crafts – EG knitting and embroidery – 7.8%
  8. Creative writing – 6.8%
  9. Dancing – 5.5%
  10. Photography 4.7%

Your Favorite Arts Activities and Experiences

What are your favorite creative activities, and why? How have the arts contributed to the quality of your life? Can you describe the benefits from creative activities?

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