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Artsphoria Movie Reviews & Film Forum: Central Cinema

For most of us, movies are a gripping form of entertainment. Engaging films immerse us in spellbinding stories about other worlds while inviting us to understand others’ experiences.

Artsphoria Movie Reviews & Film Forum emerged as a way to record impressions from our daily watch list, encourage a dialogue in our film forum and find answers to film questions. Here are highlights from a few movie reviews:

Global Film Industry Statistics and Projections

Fortunately for avid movie lovers, film industry statistics show some positive signs. Here are the latest findings from Statista:

  • The global box office revenue is predicted to increase from about $38 billion in 2016 to nearly $50 billion in 2020.
  • The U.S. is the third largest film market in the world in terms of tickets sold per year.
  • Approximately 5,750 cinema sites in the United States, as of 2017, still continued to attract audiences.

Film Studios and Movie Theaters by the Numbers

For those interested in movie industry numbers, here are additional figures from this source:

  • Box office revenue of Warner Bros.: 1940.7m USD
  • Number of movie tickets sold in U.S. and Canada: 1.3bn
  • Leading cinema circuit in the United States and Canada: AMC Theatres
  • Number of digital cinema screens worldwide: 182,019

Current Digital and 3D Cinema Figures

The following findings are related to digital and 3D cinema:

  • Number of digital 3D cinema screens in the United States and Canada: 16,933
  • Number of 3D cinema screens worldwide: 99,639
  • Box office revenue generated by 3D films in the United States and Canada: 1.3bn USD

Trivia on Movies, Actors and Awards

For film trivia enthusiasts, here are some interesting facts from Statista about movies, actors and awards:

  • Highest grossing movie in 2018: Black Panther
  • Box office revenue of Harry Potter: 2.79bn USD
  • Highest paid actor worldwide in 2018: George Clooney
  • Annual income of Scarlett Johansson: 40.5mn USD
  • Most popular movie genre by revenue: Adventure
  • Number of viewers of Academy Awards in 2019: 29.6m
  • Most expensive movie production of all time: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Your Comments and Answers to Questions on Artphoria’s Online Film Forum¬†

What is your favorite movie genre, and why? What top 10 films would you recommend? Share your answers to these film questions, and join our film forum now!

Then, visit Artsphoria Movie Reviews and Film Forum to post your comments about our movie reviews and answer other film questions. For news about the latest movie releases, see Artsphoria International Magazine, and spread the word!



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