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5 Ways That Gardens Are Sources of Artistic Inspiration, Healing, Health and Growth

Photo by Aaron Burden

By Andrea Karen Hammer

Photo by Annie Spratt

Gardens, like vibrant painting palettes, are artistic sources of inspiration and creativity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have also rediscovered these retreats as bountiful and healthful havens for the mind, body and spirit. In the more recent weeks of global upheaval after a barrage of painful incidents, gardens have remained a place of refuge and healing.

Planting Seeds of Hope to Regenerate and Flourish

Here are some of the ways that planting seeds of hope helps every aspect of our lives to regenerate and flourish:

  1. Return to basics: Gardens offer simple pleasures, as we revel in the beauty of nature. Listening to birds sing and watching plants grow require little other than a sense of awe.
  2. Connection to the Earth: As we dig through soil, this fundamental element in Nature offers the promise of growth. With proper attention and care, seeds, plants and trees nestled in this warmth can take root and multiply.
  3. Enjoy clarity and serenity: Basking under the soothing sun and blue sky, gardeners find tranquility–or at least a break from troubling news and an upside-down world. Even a few moments immersed in Nature produce clarity and serenity.
  4. Discover artistic inspiration: Painters, writers, photographers and other creators find endless sources of inspiration in the garden. From the brilliant colors and wondrous shapes of flowers to the miraculous growth of vegetables, every aspect of gardening models the ability to create and transform.
  5. Benefit communities: During economically challenging times, gardens have provided desperately needed food. From personal donations to community gardens, these practical sources of sustenance have helped those facing hardship to survive.
Photo by Elaine Casap

Following Nature’s Lead to Support Each Other’s Health and Growth

By some miracle, the Earth keeps giving. Let’s imagine a world where we follow Nature’s lead and support each other’s health and growth.

Your Comments About Gardens, Healing, Health and Growth

How has gardening helped you endure the COVID-19 pandemic? In what specific ways has planting seeds of hope promoted healing during worldwide unrest? Do you think that gardens can generate a widespread sense of well-being, goodwill, community, health and growth?

Please post your comments now!


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