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3 At-Home Exercise Programs to Boost Health, Creativity and Productivity

During a time when every aspect of our lives has been fundamentally altered, the importance of good health is the foundation for sustaining our businesses and fostering creative solutions. As always, clarity of mind enables problem solving and viewing challenges as temporary hurdles that we can jump–before landing in new and possibly more interesting places.

To cultivate well-being and the ability to think clearly, movement is essential for promoting productivity. From dance routines to T’ai Chi, strengthening the mind-body connection can take many appealing and engaging forms. Along with “Daily Yoga Bookends,” these regular activities can infuse other projects with vitality and energy while keeping you focused on achieving your goals.

Here are some of the great options in Artsphoria Shop to help you start each day on the right foot and maintain equilibrium. These programs will build inner and outer strength while energizing your personal, creative and work lives:

Dance for Weight Loss with Patricia Moreno 

Are you napping constantly during the day rather than moving? Are you sitting on the couch and snacking non-stop as you watch the stressful news? To increase your sense of well-being, limit your news and food consumption. Then, pop in Dance for Weight Loss with Patricia Moreno to help you start exercising while enjoying some lively dance moves. The cardio activity will give you a calorie-burning dance workout, which will help you lose weight quickly.

To enjoy this activity in the comfort and convenience of your own home, click the blue bar below to get started now:

Dance for Weight Loss With Patricia Moreno

Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection

If you want to follow a great yoga master, Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection is the one to experience! With a calm, strong and centered approach, this phenomenal yoga teacher will guide you through sessions that magically transform feelings of exhaustion and depletion into a well-spring of energy and renewal. The three full-length programs in this collection include Yoga Burn (60 minutes), Power Yoga Total Body (60 minutes) and Yoga Conditioning for Athletes (60 minutes).

To minimize stress throughout the day, boost your health and fortify your ability to cope, click the blue bar below:

Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection

5 Day Fit Chi

If you struggle with mid-afternoon slumps, 5 Day Fit Chi offers convenient at-home energizers– without needing to hunt for and keep track of different programs each day. David-Dorian Ross, CJ McPhee, and Francesco & Daisy Lee Garripoli will help you revitalize your mind and body. Sessions include AM T’ai Chi (23 minutes), PM T’ai Chi (24 minutes), Qigong Stress Relief (26 minutes), Qigong Detox (36 minutes) and Energy Chi (23 minutes).

To catch a second wind and increase your focus throughout the week, click the blue bar below to order now:

5 Day Fit Chi

New Exercise, Yoga and Other Programs Added Regularly in Artsphoria Shop

After you’ve practiced these routines, have you noticed an increase in good health, creativity and productivity? To continue building strength and optimal health, switch up your exercise programs to challenge your mind and body further.

For more great selections, check Artsphoria Shop regularly, and share these outstanding at-home exercise programs with others!

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